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Custom power supply

RockleighTech excels at custom power supply design and manufacturing. We specialize in meeting your most unusual requirements: hard-to-meet electrical specs, unusual features or form factors, very long life or extreme operating temperature ranges, or whatever you can throw at us. Try us!

Custom power supply

RockleighTech custom power supply

Our engineers, designs and manufactures both standard and customized AC-AC, AC-DC or DC-DC power supplies. From mW to KW, we create AC/DC, DC/AC or DC/DC converters in open frame, enclosed or encapsulated packages to suit your needs.

Our custom power converters are compact and rugged. They are designed and built for long life and reliable operation over a wide operating temperature range.

RockleighTech custom power supply are used in a wide range of industrial, commercial and medical applications including telecommunications, smart grid, military, transportation, industrial automation and portable systems.

Custom power supply key capabilities include:

  • Custom Designs From 5-2000 Watts.
  • DC and AC Inputs.
  • DC and AC Outputs.
  • Ultra Wide Input Range.
  • Single and Multiple Outputs.
  • Custom Mechanical Configurations.
  • High Power Densities.
  • High Efficiencies (> 95% For Single Outputs).
  • N+1 Redundancy and Hot Swap Capabilities.
  • Microprocessor Control: I2C/IPM /SMBus/PMBus.
  • Special Ultra Low Noise Capabilities.
  • HALT/HASS Testing and Demonstrated MTBF.

Modified Standards

RockleighTech has the capability to modify our standard power supplies to meet custom specifications. With a broad standard power platform, we can quickly deliver a modified power solution in as little as three weeks.

Modified options include:

  • Custom Connectors.
  • Custom Input Power Cords.
  • Custom Output Cord Lengths.
  • Custom Imprinting and Labeling.
  • Special Options Including Ferrite Cores and Overloading.

Our low risk approach, leverages proven technology platforms and building blocks, to ensure that we meet cost and performance specifications without compromising the time-to-market for your own product launch. RockleighTech applies the most modern and rigorous design processes and techniques including thermal modelling and advanced simulation.

custom power supply

Our people and processes are set-up to act as an extension of your internal resources. We working as your trusted and expert partner at all stages of the project. We are refining the power specifications in order to ensure optimal cost and performance trade-offs, eliminating potential ambiguities and highlighting any areas of risk associated with your project.