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High Voltage Power Supply for Organic Wasted Gas Purifier

High Voltage Power Supply for Organic Wasted Gas Purifier

High Voltage Power Supply for Organic Wasted Gas Purifier Model: RT-­‐VRI221KAG, RT-­‐VRI221KBG Parameters: 20KV-­‐40KV, 30MA, 1.2KW The Introduction of the

High Voltage Power Supply for Organic Wasted Gas Purifier

The product is high‐end smart power supply. Through the years’ efforts of engineers, many products have been perfected and optimized. At last, the high voltage power supply we manufactured solves many problems, such as fire, short circuit, mistaken protection and high failure rate, when the environment protection equipment’s are working under special conditions. The maintenance period and cost are reduced, and the products are safe and liable. And they have long life span. The open circuit and short circuit will not harm the power. The product has anti-­‐fire function, over temperature protection function, stream wiping out function.

The Features of the Product

Firstly, the power conversion rate is high and the power is easily to be installed. The product can be directly attached to the surface of the equipment and need not to be isolated. The product is designed for the environment protection area. Under serious environment, it can ensure the long time operation of the equipment and avoid the safety dangers.

Secondly, the product has direct measure end to measure the output high voltage and high voltage current. Therefore, it can easily show the voltage and current of the equipment’s applied in the projects. It is not necessary to buy special measuring instrument.

Application Load

Plasma Electric Field, Honeycomb Electric Field, Wasted Gas Purifier Application Area

High Efficiency Oil and Fog Purifier, Organic Wasted Gas Purifier, Static Dust Remover, Wasted Gas Purifier



Dimension 410mm*255mm*145mm(L*W*H)
Operating Power 1.2KW
Weight 9kg
Input Phase Single
Voltage 170V-260V
Rate 50HZ 60HZ
Scope of Output Voltage 20KV-40KV
Scope of Output Current 15mA-30mA
Output Limited Current 60mA
Sparkling Protection Mode It can be auto restored.
Time Counting Mode It can be launched or shut off.
Heat Dissipation Mode Wind Cooling
Working Temperature -30C°-50C°

Note: RT-­‐VRI221KAG is positive high voltage output, while the RT-­‐VRI221KBG the negative high voltage output.