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Product Description
The Powercell 1U 48/2000 is a battery charger and rectifier for stand-alone use or for working in parallel as part of a DC power system controlled and monitored by the Monitor.
Powercell 1U 48/2000 is optimized for a wide range of system sizes. Digital communication over CAN bus with Monitor simplifies system design and enhances flexibility.
Realization of Powercell 1U 48/2000 systems is possible by fitting 5 rectifiers across a 23”shelf and 4 rectifiers across a 19”shelf.

Wireless, fiber and fixed line communication
Today communications demand state of the art, cost efficient and compact DC power systems. Powercell 1U 48/2000 delivers the industry leading power density of 23W/in3 and superb reliability at lowest lifetime cost.

Broadband and network access
Increasing network speed demands flexible and expandable DC power solutions. Powercell 1U 48/2000 is your key building block for future needs.

Key Features
Highest efficiency in minimum space
Resonant topology makes the module efficiency industry leading and contributes to the rectifier’s ultra compact dimensions.
Digital controllers
Primary and secondary controls are digitalized, enabling excellent monitoring and regulation characteristics. Thus, the number of component has been reduced by 40%-for highly reliable, long life, trouble free DC power systems.

Heat management
Front-to-back air flow with chassis-integrated heat sinks gives the module the most suitable working environment and no limitations in the scalability of the desired system solution.

Unique connection
A true plug-and-play connection system: time-to-install and cost-reducing solution.

Global approvals
Powercell 1U 48/2000 is CE marked, UL recognized and NEBS certified for word wide installation.