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OEM Custom & Standart Power Supplies Products Since 1982. Wide Range of Application and Industries

Rockleigh tech power supply manufacturer.

The present Rockleigh President started business in 1982 as a Primary Power components manufacturer, importer and distributor, specializing in International Product safety certified components and Power Supplies that were in high demand at that time. Products included Cord sets, Connectors, Power Supplies, EMI Filters, DC/DC, DC/AC and other Power Products. From 1983 to 1987 he had 50% stake in TUV Rheinland of North America.

In 1998 Company was sold and Rockleigh Industries Inc was founded as a very successful Contract Manufacturer of various OEM products serving many Industries and Applications. Our customers include are from Startup to Billion dollar companies. Later on Power Products, Power Supplies and Assemblies Product line were added. Our product line include AC/DC switching power supplies, DC/DC converters, DC/AC inverters and Battery Chargers with emphases on Specialty and Custom Designs.

Rockleigh has partnership and part ownership of Taiwan Manufacturing Facility for over 30 years. Taiwan company owns and manage Ningbo, China Manufacturing Plant since 1994.

Now Rockleigh is a major producer of wide range of power sources .Rockleigh products provide power to many of today’s semiconductors, Computers, appliances ,automotive and component products ,equipment and systems. Our power supplies are also used in medical and general laboratory applications. We are well known for extremely customize and specialize Power Supplies and Control Equipment.

In 1995 our Taiwan and China facilities obtained ISO 9001 certification. All manufacturing is done in Taipei Taiwan and Ningbo China in a modern large company owned facility. Power supplies are used throughout the world and have a reputation as well engineered, high quality products, at a extremely competitive price.

We have a Texas Facility that handles modifications, value added work and warranty repairs.