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  • This strain gage load cell has developed newly as a electronic “Scale” for commercial purpose, with the charatestics of high accuracy and low price.
  • Compared with another mechnical means, this load cell provides small displacement.
  • Due to electronic output, it is easy to treat various treatments.


  • Single point load cell
  • High accuracy and low price.
  • Low profile scales and automatic check weight systems
pdr 1000

PDR 1000


– Peak function,- External Hold function
– Min/Max function,- Alarm electronic contact function
– Pressure switch test function (NO/NC Cable option)
– Data logging function,- Auto-Off function
– RS232 Communication (Default 19200 bps set)
– Calibration function (Zero, Span)
– Analog output function (Use external power)
– Backlight On/Off,- Auto-Zero function
– Available to use external power (Power supply adaptor option)
– Indicate Overpressure function


– Field and laboratory calibration of the pressure gauge
– Process precision pressure measurement for outdoors and plant.
– Over pressure and explosion test
– Pressure safety valve(PSV) test
– Pressure valve and Regulator test
– Pipeline static pressure test
– Substitute Chart Recorder
– Filter performance test & Leaks test
– Available to use Analog output when external power use
– RS232 Communication

Digital Pressure Gauge - PDR 500

PDR 500

– Range : 0 to 100 kPa ~ Max 500 MPa
– Accuracy : ±0.1% F.S (-10 to 50 ℃ Temperature)
– Convenient to read and large 4 1/2 digit display
– Brightness adjustment Display
– Simple button touch for various function setting change and unit change,   – Durable die-cast outer case
– Quick and easy to change the pressure unit
– Small size for easy install, – Silicon protection cover included
– Long time battery life, – Class IP 66 Water-proof
– Min/Max function, – Data logging function
– Auto-Off function, – Calibration function (Zero, Span)
– Backlight On/Off & Brightness adjustment


– RS232 Communication (19200 bps Factory set)
– Analog Output function (External Power Required)
– Wireless communication (Bluetooth) / Free App download (Android only)
– Available to use external power (Power Adaptor Option)

Pressure Transmitter for Precision Measurements - PHP

Pressure Transmitter for Precision Measurements – PHP

High accuracy and performance for precision pressure measurement component
VDC, mA analog output
RS232 digital output
Measuring pressure range 0 ~ 150 MPa
Precision 0.035% FS
Gauge pressure, absolute pressure measurement
Stainless steel, VITON material
Measurement and test benches
Calibration technology
Plant construction and machine building