• A compact and low cost, shear type compression load cell. It is a comparatively low cost shear type transducers with a high accurary of 0.02% R.O.
  • Platform and Tank scale weighing.
  • Protection Class IP65




Specifications Accuracy
Model CP66-B250, B500
Rated Capacity(R.O.) 113.4kgf(250lb), 226.8kgf(500lb)
Rated Output(R.O.) 3.0mV/V±0.3%
Non-Linearity 0.03% R.O.
Hysteresis 0.02% R.O.
Repeatability 0.02% R.O.
Zer Balance ±0.5% R.O.
Temp. Range Compensated -16℃~65℃
Temp. Effect On Rated Output ±0.03% load / 10℃
Temp. Effect On Zero Balance ±0.03% R.O. / 10℃
Resistance, Input 350Ω±3.5
Resistance, Output 350Ω±5
Insulation Resistance Bridge To Ground 5000㏁
Electrical Connection Φ5㎜×4C×3m
Exc. recommended 10V
Safe Overload 150% R.C