As dynamic strain amplifier, it is designed and manufactured to be suitable for instrumentation control panel.



  • Built-in single step filtering function
  • Built-in automatic temperature compensating circuit
  • Easy to adjust zero and span by volume


dn acm100


Specifications Accuracy
Bridge voltage AC 2Vrms 5㎑/10㎑
Application sensor Differential trans LVDT (FULL/HALF TYPE)
Rated output Voltage ±10V, Load resistance more than 200Ω
Current 4~20㎃, Load resistance less than 300Ω
Zero adjustment range 10%, 10 rotations
Sensitivity adjustment range 1500 Multiplier
S/N rate 51㏈
Answering frequency DC-20㎑ (-3dB)
Low pass filter 10㎐, 100㎐, pass
Non-linearity 0.1% F.S
Usage temperature range -10~60℃
Allowed voltage variation rate Supply power ±5%
Voltage AC 220V