This amplifier, which microprocessor is integrated in, converts resistance differences to DC voltage and is widely used for the various sensors like a strain gage type load cell.



  • Amplifier to convert strain gage signal from load cell to DC voltage
  • Multi stage filter construction
  • The circuit compensated temperature automatically
  • Zero adjustment by volume
  • Adjustment by Dip-s/w
  • Voltage display : 3½ digit




Specifications Accuracy
Number of measuring point 1Point per each unit
Application gage resistance 100Ω~1㏀
Measuring range 10V-1㎷~20㎷/V, 5V-2㎷~40㎷/V, 2.5V-4㎷~80㎷/V
Bridge voltage(BV/V) Constant voltage DC5V, 10V
Zero set range Abjustment by 10 turns VR(10%)
Output 0~±10VDC(load resistance ≥ 200Ω), 4mA~20mA(load resistance ≥ 300Ω)
Nonlinearity ±0.01% F.S.
Sensitivity adjustment 1000 multiplier (Max 1000)
S/N ratio 51㏈
Frequency Response DC20㎑(-3㏈)
Low pass Filter 10㎐, 100㎐, 1㎑, 10㎑, pass
Operating temperature -10℃~+60℃
Temperature sensitivity ±0.03% F.S./℃
Calibration 0.5, 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 2.5 ㎷/v (0.5㎷/v=1000u strain)
Display Digit
Size 44.5(W)×128.4(H)×166(D)㎜
Power 220V, 50/60㎐