LHP Series 150W LED Driver


  • Ultra high input voltage range: 249~528Vac;
  • Constant power design, outputs programmable;
  • Output current reconfigurable by infrared controller;
  • 3-in-1 dimmable (M types): 0~10Vdc / PWM signal / Timer dimming;
  • Surge immunity : 4KV line-line, 6KV line-earth;
  • IP67 design for indoor and outdoor applications;
  • Suitable for dry / damp / wet locations;
  • 5 years warranty



  • Suitable for LED architecture lighting, industrial lighting, flood lighting, and roadway lighting, etc.


With 249 to 528Vac input, LHP Series 150W LED Driver is designed for ultra high voltage market (277Vac/347Vac/480Vac), it’s especially suitable for North America industrial electrical network. LHP is configurable constant current LED driver with high reliability, Monitored by an infrared based programming device, the fully programmed drivers offer all dimming options and a wide range of output current in a single driver, which deliver maximum flexibility with customized operating settings and intelligent control options for OEMs, as one driver can be programmed for many different luminaire designs. LHP provides built-in timer dimming schedules further increasing the energy savings and CO2 reductions achieved with LED lighting. It also help clients to improve the management of logistics and stock.