The PDN-20 has been designed specifically to operate with strain gauge sensors such as Load cell, Pressure Transducer. LVDT. etc.

Pocket indicator with rechargeable battery.
NG, OK judgments with LED display(with open collector output)
Connectable to computer through USB output cable
Display reverse function.
Ergonomic, heavy-duty metal construction
UNIT CONVERSION : N, kgf, lbf ,ozf






Specifications Accuracy
Usable Sensor Strain gauge type sensor (Bridge  350Ω, 700Ω)
Range of Indication -99999 ~ +99999
A/D Transducer 16bit , 100times/sec
D/A Transducer 12bit
Indication of Measuring Value 5 Digit LCD ( Right/reverse display available)
Measuring Unit kgf , N , lbf , ozf
Condition indicating LED Indication of charge and compare output condition
Compare Output High, Low, Good
Analog Output DC ± 1V
Communication Output USB RS232
Range of using temperature -10℃ ~ 40℃, less than 80% RH (no dew condensation)
Weight Approximately 800g
Power Nickel hydrogen (NimH), Chargeable Adapter (DC 9V)
Continuous Use Life Approximately 40 hours
Charging Time Approximately 8 hours
Standard components AC Chargeable Adapter , Handy case
Option 1. USB cable    2. Connector for analog output and relay output